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Find our disclaimer, privacy statement, cookie policy, general banking conditions and other legal documents.

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Disclaimer and copyright

Although the information on this website is drawn up with the utmost precision and in KAS BANK's judgement it is a true reproduction of the state of affairs at the time of publication of this website, KAS BANK can not guarantee that this information is or continues to be correct and/or complete.

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice explains how we collect, use and share personal information in the course of our business activities.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies to store information, enhance your browsing experience and improve the functionality of our website.

Order Execution Policy

Here you can read and/or download our Order Execution Policy as of June 30, 2020.

Article 38 CSDR declaration – types of securities accounts

KAS BANK N.V. (hereinafter: "KAS BANK") maintains securities accounts for its clients. From these accounts it appears which securities KAS BANK holds in administration for its clients. These securities may be deposited by KAS BANK at central securities depositories (hereinafter: "CSDs"). KAS BANK is a participant in multiple CSDs. KAS BANK has opened accounts with these CSDs that reflect the securities positions that clients of KAS BANK hold with KAS BANK.

General banking conditions

Here, you will find the General Banking Conditions of all banks in the Netherlands as of March 1, 2017. These Conditions constitute the General Conditions of KAS BANK N.V. The General Conditions of KAS BANK N.V. are only applicable to the services of KAS BANK N.V. if expressly agreed.

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