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Disclaimer Corporate Actions

CACEIS does not accept any liability for losses as a consequence of the use of, the trust in the information on this website or acting or refraining as a result the information on this website.

You are responsible for making your own examination and assessment of the merits, risks, conditions and restrictions of the offer. You should consult with your own advisors in deciding:

A. whether or not to participate in the offer, and;

B. whether you, or the clients on whose behalf you are acting, may participate in the offer. By instructing CACEIS to accept the offer on your behalf you represent that:

1. You have reviewed and understand the offering material, including the conditions and restrictions that apply to this offer; 
2. the restrictions do not apply to you or any of your clients on whose behalf you are acting; 
3. you shall indemnify CACEIS and hold CACEIS not liable for any losses, costs (including without limitation, legal fees), damages, liabilities, claims and expenses incurred by CACEIS in relying upon the truthfulness of any representations contained here in.