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Conditions Tripartite Services

In this brochure dated May 2018 you will find our Conditions Tripartite Services.

KAS BANK’s terms and conditions for tripartite services have been amended as a result of the General Data Protection Act entering into force on 25 May 2018. The additional protection offered to clients in respect of their personal data is now included in article 28 of these terms and conditions.

KAS BANK has also taken this opportunity to implement a small number of other changes. These changes are largely meant to better describe the current working relationship between KAS BANK and your Broker.

  • Article 5.4 – that relates to the reports that KAS BANK provides – has been simplified.
  • Articles 8.3.2; 9.2 and 9.4 now more clearly describe that your Broker sees to it that you will fulfil your (margin) obligations related to the transactions that your Broker has executed for you.
  • Finally, article 33.2 has been added to better facilitate a timely implementation of future updates in applicable laws and regulations – thereby ensuring that you, your Broker and KAS BANK can continue to comply with such laws and regulations.
Conditions Tripartite Services