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Our strategy

New technology enables fundamental change. In a society where technology and a growing economy offer us more prosperity, we strive for greater financial security. To achieve this, we build up pension funds, we save money for our children and take out insurance.

We aim for security for both now and in the future. For ourselves and for future generations.

Enabling prosperity for future generations

In a rapidly changing world, with increasing uncertainties, building capital resources is an important part of the social foundation. Increasingly, people are taking this responsibility into their own hands and preparing themselves for the increasing individualisation and digitisation of our society. We are the bank that helps them realise their goals with our knowledge and by developing unique and sustainable administrative and banking services and solutions.

Professional investors need a specialist organisation to whom they can entrust their assets. An organisation
that safekeeps, administers and reports on these assets, so that they can focus on their core business:
achieving an optimal investment result. We are that organisation.

“We want to be the leading specialist in the field of custody and administration services for professional investors. We are in control, agile and effective, and committed to continuous improvement. Our clients are always at the heart of our services.”

Sikko van Katwijk
How do we realise our purpose?

How do we realise our purpose?

It’s our purpose to enable prosperity for future generations by supporting professional investors to invest successfully and to connect them efficiently to the financial markets.
The changing needs of our clients are the basis for our strategic priorities:

Strategy and Purpose - 4 strategic priorities

#1 Client Empowerment

By listening to our clients carefully, we understand their needs and we adapt our business to a changing environment. Through partnership, personalisation, unique administrative and banking solutions and our independent position, we empower clients to change when needed. We work with supervisory institutions to optimally support our clients with their reports and data requests. Our support will strengthen our client’s governance. From our independent role we carefully perform the necessary controls.

#2 Data Driven

A flexible and reliable IT infrastructure and high-quality services are paramount to enable growth for our clients. The adaptability of our organisation, the digitisation of society and the high standards of asset and client data security underline the importance we place on this. Based on data and information, we develop sustainable governance and market solutions to enable clients to meet the information needs of their regulators and society’s expectations. Our data is always available, up-to-date and secure.

#3 Unique Specialist

We have been active in the European financial sector for over 200 years. We use our unique and valuable knowledge to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and to develop advanced solutions for our  clients. In addition, our multi-disciplinary collaboration and clear communication contributes to an optimal client experience.

#4 Operational Excellence

We provide appropriate support to each client in  managing their collective assets. The best decisions are made on the basis of relevant and reliable information. Clients must be able to fully trust our information and reports. For this, we use a very rigid control model.
We continuously strive to improve the quality of our services. We listen carefully to the feedback of our  clients and from the market. In our pursuit of  operational Excellence, we continuously invest in the expertise and potential of our employees.

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Remko Dieker

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Remko Dieker

Secretary to the Managing Board / Investor Relations
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