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Our history

"He who knows its past, better understands its future". Independence, changeability and customer focus made us who we are today: a specialised custodian and administration bank for institutional and professional investors from the Netherlands and Europe.

You can find all these characteristics looking into our past.

Independent since 1806

Independent since 1806

Founded by mr Borski, mr Vroombergh and mr Bondt, on the 9th of March 1806, the Associatie Cassa finished its first day as an independent cashier institution in a private house at Keizersgracht 132 in Amsterdam. To receive credit from Associatie Cassa, one needed to provide collateral. Since then innovation has always been part of our DNA.

In 1952, the in 1865 founded 'KAS-Vereeniging' acquired Associatie Cassa/Rente Cassa. A new name was adopted; KAS-Associatie N.V. All shares were obtained by the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the owner of the Amsterdam stock market. 

Some highlights:

  • 1864: founding of sister institution N.V. Rente-Cassa, later acquired by and merged with Associatie Cassa.
  • 1865: Founding of KAS-Vereeniging, an important competitor of Associatie Cassa for years to come. 
  • 1952: KAS-Vereeniging acquires Associatie Cassa.
  • 1985: The acquisition of the office building located at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in the centre of Amsterdam (known locally as the 'Telegraaf building', sold in 2017). Together with our other building in the Spuistraat (sold in 2014), KAS-Associatie now owns and operates out of two municipal monuments.
  • 1986: Initial Public offering of the Kas-Associatie. 40% of the shares are offered. In 1998 this is followed by a Secondary Offering which makes the bank fully independent.
  • 1988: Start of our European expansion with the opening of our Representative Office' in London. This office is a predecessor of our current UK branch.
  • 2002: We changed our name from KAS Associatie into KAS BANK N.V.. Our logo is replaced as well with our current one.
  • 2003: The opening of our office in Germany. This later becomes the KAS BANK German Branch located in Frankfurt am Main. 
  • 2017: After 211 years in the centre of Amsterdam, we moved to our current location (De Entree 500) in Amsterdam Zuidoost. 
  • 2019: On September 23, CACEIS declared the offer for KAS BANK unconditional. KAS BANK is now part of the CACEIS network, a global top 10 asset service provider.
Innovation and Continuity

Innovation and Continuity

The purchase of a typewriter in 1911 marks the beginning of a new era of technology at Associatie Cassa. Ever since then we are often part of the precursors in the financial sector. We often introduce new techniques and IT- solutions.

For example, in 1961, Amsterdam mayor Van Hall switched on our first IBM mainframe. Today, the old mainframe is phased out, and all our programs and banking applications run on servers at our IT partner Atos in Eindhoven.

In the late 1980s, development of ‘KAS-netbank’ began, becoming the first internet application in the banking industry. Together with the communication tool KAS-Select, a tool in which we could electronically trade files with clients, this application has grown into our current internet application KAS-web. Today, this application is constantly under development in negotiation with the users.

Our online Monitor app unlocks valuable management- and steering information. This information is available 24/7 and is especially made for board members of pension funds and insurance companies. In this way all board members of pension funds or insurance companies are informed of the most actual data. For example, in developments in coverage ratio and SCR in Solvency II. Knowing the actual data  will make sure your decision making will be better and more thoughtful.

The last development in our innovation strain is KAS Lab. This is our innovation hub. We invent, bring together and, after validation, develop new products made for our client and the public.



On the 30th of August 2016, a KAS BANK delegation opened the trading day at Euronext Amsterdam because we were voted Custodian of the Year 2016 at the European Custody Risk Awards in London. 

A selection of our other awards in the past years.

  • 2012: Custodian of the Year 2012. The independent judges in particular praised our client orientation and innovation ability.
  • 2014 & 2015: Custodian of the Year – Benelux at the European Custody Risk Awards for two years in a row. In 2015 we also received a honorable mention in the categories for Pension Fund Custodian of the Year and Project of the Year (for our Custodian Principles campaign).
  • 2016: Custodian of the Year 2016: This European Pension Award was granted among others for our cost benchmark initiative. This initiative shows the costs made by pension funds in the entire value chain of the investment process thus making these costs more transparent.

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