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We are a European specialist for custody, securities administration, and high-quality risk- and reporting services.

Our focus lies in securities services for professional investors from the pensions and securities industry.

Fully committed to our clients

Fully committed to our clients

Our service is based on clear principles concerning the role and way of work custodians should have in the financial industry. We value our integrity, transparency and independency, as much as our risk avoiding behaviour.

We want to make sure there is no conflict of interest in main activities of our clients, by insuring our independent and neutral position. Because of our low risk profile, we can provide the quality of our balance sheet and a high solvency ratio.

In line with our ‘client first’ point of view, we constantly develop client and market based solutions to help your organization. To make sure you get the service you need, our custody, administration and reporting services have a modular construction. To keep you ‘in control’ we want to maintain short communication lines. Thus, we can provide added value for the continuity of your organisation.

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