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Interview with CACEIS and KAS BANK about the benefits of the future combination

The planned acquisition of KAS BANK by CACEIS has a number of major advantages for our clients. For example, KAS BANK will be able to broaden and deepen its range of services. Clients will also benefit from the financial strength, scale and international presence of CACEIS.

26 Jun 2019

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Clients of KAS BANK will indeed benefit from our wide variety of services,” Jean-François Abadie confirms. “But also more generally from our financial strength, the relationship with our parent company Crédit Agricole, the broad European network of the group and our integrated services based in Europe. We have a lot of ambition for KAS BANK as a branch of CACEIS, as well as for its clients.

At the same time, we are fully committed to personal service and local expertise. Sikko van Katwijk, Chairman of the Board of KAS BANK, explains in an interview how both parties see this: "CACEIS values the local service, the direct interaction with local professionals. This is an essential aspect of the collaboration between KAS BANK and CACEIS. This gives our clients the best of both worlds: a one-stop shop with international capabilities and local expertise."

Watch the interview below with the CEO of CACEIS, Jean-François Abadie, deputy CEO Joe Saliba, and Chairman of the Board of KAS BANK, Sikko van Katwijk, for more information on the new combination.



Jean-François Abadie, Joe Saliba and Sikko van Katwijk give an update on the acquisition of KAS BANK.

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