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Share capital

Where are we listed? Who are our major shareholders? What dividend per ordinary share will be declared?

The company’s share capital consists of ordinary shares and cumulative preference shares. All shares are registered and no share certificates are in issue.


KAS BANK N.V. was listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. Ordinary shares in the form of depositary receipts for shares were listed on the Official Market of the Euronext Amsterdam N.V. stock exchange since 1986. KAS BANK N.V. was part of Euronext’s Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX index).
With reference to the joint press releases dated 25 February, 25 March, 26 July and 17 September 2019 and the Offer Memorandum, KAS BANK N.V. and CACEIS were pleased to jointly announce that all Offer Conditions were satisfied or waived. CACEIS declared the Offer unconditional.
CACEIS holds 14,349,360 Securities, representing approximately 97.39% of the aggregate issued and outstanding share capital of KAS BANK N.V.  on a fully diluted basis
CACEIS initiated the statutory squeeze-out proceedings in an expeditious manner in order to obtain 100% of the Securities.
The last trading date of the Securities on Euronext Amsterdam was on 4 November 2019 and listing and trading of the Securities was terminated as of 5 November 2019.

CACEIS is 100% owner of KAS BANK

On 7 April 2020, the Enterprise Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (the "Enterprise Chamber") rendered its judgment in the squeeze-out procedure initiated by CACEIS Bank S.A. ("CACEIS") against the other holders of ordinary shares in the capital of KAS BANK N.V. ("KAS BANK").

Shareholder Percentage of KAS BANK N.V. shares
CACEIS Bank S.A. 100%

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